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Attorneys under the roof of KOOBY Law & Consultancy, are a team of whom internalized superiority of law and justice. Rights precedes power.


Our team sees the relationship of proxy established with our esteemed clients, as a duty of representation which is managed in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and care. Our attorneys pay regard to the reputation and recognition of our clients in every decision they have made.

Service excellence can only be achieved by staying up-to-date and dynamic. When the competitive environment of today's world is considered; only the team that carefully follows the legal and financial trends, and who internalized innovative perspective can achieve success. 


KOOBY LAW & CONSULTANCY is a transparent and accessible law firm. Our team sees being auditable as a reflection of honesty and reliability.   

Reflecting proactive corporate culture to every project whether it’s big or small, showing extra effort and taking initiative are the service standards for the attorneys of KOOBY Law & Consultancy.

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