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KOOBY Law & Consultancy, classify the services, provided to its native and foreign clients, under three main titles. Content details of such titles are below.

Dispute Resolution

KOOBY Law & Consultancy represent their clients with highest level duty of care principles, in front of every judicial, executive and decision maker authorities.


In addition, KOOBY Law & Consultancy team carefully maintain its representation duties in front of foreign judicial and decision maker authorities through reliable solution partners that are located across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa.


Commencing civil and criminal law-suits or defending the clients during litigation process are some of our services that are conducted under the roof of KOOBY Law & Consultancy. Our services also include commencing execution proceedings or managing such execution proceedings from the debtor’s perspective.


In addition, our International Arbitration Department; consisting of our competent attorneys who have gained experience in world-renowned arbitration organizations such as ICC, LCIA and AAA; represents our respected clients before international arbitral tribunals.


Execution of the foreign court decisions and arbitral tribunal decisions, within the territory of Turkish Republic are also among our services.


All the progression of the litigation files that we prosecute on behalf of our clients are reported to them via e-mail or text messages. Along with that, such progression and the current situation of the files are being summarized in a report and considered during a meeting with the related client at the end of the legal year.

Legal Counselling

KOOBY Law & Consultancy presents a well-rounded legal counselling service to its real and legal person clients.


All of our clients receiving consultancy services, in line with their needs obtain professional service from our competent attorneys in issues such as; (i) legal compliance and general legal consulting, (ii) preparation and review of agreements, (iii) employment management within the framework of labor legislation.


In addition, a special consultancy relationship can be established about the specific situation of the client. Clients may obtain both the dispute resolution and consultancy services together, if they demand so.   


Our attorneys under the roof of KOOBY Law & Consultancy respond to the questions and demands of our clients who receive consultancy services, in a way that best serves the dynamics of the relevant sector. E-mail, phone calls, conference calls, physical or virtual meetings are performed in accordance with the preferences of our clients during consulting services.


Our experienced lawyers who provide consultancy services have adopted the principle of being accessible, fast and solution oriented.




KOOBY Law & Consultancy also serves to the clients who wants legal support only for their certain numbered legal procedures, besides our regular dispute resolution and consultancy services.


For example; (i) Preparation of due diligence reports, related share purchase and transfer agreements, (ii) concluding citizenship and work permit applications, (iii) representation of the clients and preparation of defense on behalf of the clients, during investigations initiated by authorities such as the Competition Authority and Personal Data Protection Authority, (iv) Management of the establishment of companies and management of the investment stages for Start-p companies, (v) tracking of trademark-patent etc. application process and the establishment of the client interest, (vi) establishment of franchise, distributorship and dealership chain, (vii) management of government relations and obtaining necessary permits on behalf of foreign clients, (viii) legal compliance management for specific sectors and markets, (ix) internal legal training for companies etc. are some of projects that KOOBY Law & Consultancy team frequently carries out.


Our specialized attorneys, form their knowledge and experience in line with the needs of our clients.

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