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Turkish Citizenship by Investment - FAQ Answered 2019

Turkish Citizenship by Investment - FAQ Answered 2019

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions that we received from our clients. 00:32 Is there a military service obligation for the applicants? 00:57 Is there a special kind of tax responsibility for the non-resident Turkish citizens? 01:22 Do Turkish citizens have to report their earnings and assets located abroad? 01:51 Are there any situations that may be a cause for loss of citizenship or annulment? 02:59 Will the decision of annulment or deprivation of citizenship affects the family? 03:15 Is the Turkish citizenship hereditary for future generations? 03:38 Are there any restrictions for certain nationalities or applicants who have multiple citizenships? 04:07 Is it possible to apply for Turkish citizenship via investing in real estate development projects? 04:35 Is it possible to invest as a company and acquire citizenship in person? 05:00 How does the acquisition process finalize? 05:28 Is it possible to send the funds from another person's account? 05:52 Are there any restrictions on funds entering Turkey? 06:21 Contact Info. If you have any questions, please contact us. Website: E-mail: KOOBY Law & Consultancy Firm We are pleased to announce that we have rebranded our Turkish Citizenship by Investment Services. We are looking forward to meeting you in our new website and YouTube channel for further information. new website:
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